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Vintage 6V AC Stator and Harness Kit

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In stock

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Customize Vintage 6V AC Stator and Harness Kit
Vintage 6V AC Stator Plate   + $73.28
Vintage HT coil Aftermarket (124697C)   + $24.70
Vintage Vespa Coil Bracket (156338)   + $9.12
Vintage Vespa Light Switch   + $36.62
Rear Brake Switch Larger AC Type   + $13.70
AC Wiring Harness VNB/VBB/GL/GS/SS/Sprint/Super/Small Frame   + $54.95
Rubber Cap-Junction Box   + $3.62

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Vintage 6V AC Stator and Harness Kit
Vintage 6V AC Stator and Harness Kit

In stock


    More Information
    Brand Vespa Motorsport

    6V AC Stator and Harness Kit. Includes all you see here: Wire harness, Switch, Brake switch, HT coil, Stator Plate and diagram. This is a great kit for up-grading your vintage Vespa electrics.

    **Will also work on your points/condensor style smallframe. You will need to, shorten the length of the wires to the stator plate, and swap all coils from the new stator base to your small frame stator base. Please specify in the comments section that you would like to use it on a smallframe**

    This is the good old 6V points set up, that's simple and beautiful. Fits VBA-VBB-VNA-VNB-1960's Allstates, VLB, VBC, and more.


    Vespa 125 (1957-1958) –VNA1
    Vespa 125 (1958-1959) –VNA2
    Vespa 125 (1959-1961) – VNB1
    Vespa 125 (1961) – VNB2
    Vespa 125 (1961-1962) – VNB3
    Vespa 125 (1962-1963) – VNB4
    Vespa 125 (1963-1964) – VNB5
    Vespa 125 (1964-1966) – VNB6
    Vespa 125 Super (1965-1969) - VNC
    Vespa 150 (1959-1960) - VBA
    Vespa 150 (1960-1962) – VBB1
    Vespa 150 (1962-1965) – VBB2
    Vespa 150 Super (1965-1979) – VBC
    Vespa GL 150 (1963-1964) - VLA
    Vespa GS160 (1962) - VSB MARK 1
    Vespa GS160 (1963-1964)-VSB MARK 2
    Vespa Sprint 150 (1965-1974) – VLB Euro
    Vespa SS180 (1964-1968) - VSC
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