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Vespa Small Frame Headlight Euro Type 115mm (VMA VMA2 VMB ET3)

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Brand Vintage Vespa Item

Headlight for Small Frame (Including 50SS & 90SS), Super, and Sprint and ET3. 

Fits most 1960-1990's European-spec small frames (not PK). Made in Italy by Bosatta. Complete assembly with plastic lens and bulb holder. Bulbs NOT included.

There's always a lot of uncertainty about which headlight works for a particular scooter. Most U.S.-Spec Vespa scooters from 1966-1969 use this particular headlight. ALL Euro-Spec Small Frames use this headlight. This headlight is identified by the alignment tabs that stick up from the headlight. These tabs are located at 1 and 11 o'clock. These tabs fit into slots that are cut into the aluminum headset assembly. There are NO fasteners at 3 and 9 o'clock with this headlight. There's a SPECIAL CLIP that holds the headlight in place AND doubles as the adjuster for the headlight beam that should be replaced each time you purchase a new headlight.

These are called 115mm, but that is the measurement on the lens, the actual measurement of the whole headlight is 120mm. 

Bulbs sold separately, requires one headlight bulb and one pilot bulb, either 12 volt or 6 volt depending on your application. 

**This does NOT fit USA model Small Frames from 1969-1980** See the 3-PRONGED HEADLIGHT for U.S. Spec Vespas made from 1969-1981.

Vespa 50 (1966-1983) - V5A
Vespa 50 Special (1969-1983) - V5B
Vespa 50 Special (1974-1976) - V5B (USA)
Vespa 50 Special (1977-1981) - V5B (USA)
Vespa 50 SS (1965-1971) - V5SS
Vespa 90 (1967-1984) - V9A
Vespa 90 (1974-1977) - V9A (USA)
Vespa 90SS Super Sprint (1965-1971) - V9SS
Vespa 100 (1978-1984) – V9B (Euro)
Vespa ET3 (1976-1983) – VMB
Vespa 125 Sears (1966) - VMA1 (Blue Badge)
Vespa 125 Primavera (1965-1967) - VMA1
Vespa 125 Primavera (1967-1983) - VMA2 (Euro)
Vespa 125 Primavera (1974-1977) - VMA2 (USA)
Vespa 150 Super (1965-1979) – VBC
Vespa Sprint 150 Sears (1966) - VLB (Blue Badge)
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