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Cut and Clone Vespa or Piaggio Standard Key Blank


In stock

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Customize Cut and Clone Vespa or Piaggio Standard Key Blank
Vespa/Piaggio Aftermarket Key Blank ET4/LX/GT/GTS/BV (575810) (656873) (1B004718)   + $24.95
labor for cut and clone immobilizer key blank   + $12.50

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Cut and Clone Vespa or Piaggio Standard Key Blank
Cut and Clone Vespa or Piaggio Standard Key Blank

In stock


    More Information
    Brand Vespa Motorsport

    Key Cutting Service - Cut/Clone Standard Vespa or Piaggio Key Blank

    This service is for people that only have a blue key (or coded black key) and need to get a copy made. If you have the brown key already, all you need to do is purchase a blank key (573426), have it cut locally, and follow the programming procedure as outlined in our youtube video.

    To proceed with this service please add this part to your shopping cart (add one service per key copy desired), checkout, and then send your key to:

    Vespa Motorsport
    Attn: Mail Order Service
    3955 Pacific Hwy
    San Diego CA 92110

    This Service is Good for


    -Early Fly 150

    General information on Vespa Keys and the Services we offer

    The majority of Vespa and Piaggio keys are chipped and need to be programmed in order for them to work correctly. All Vespa/Piaggio models except the following require a programmed and chipped key: ET2, LX50, Vespa S50/150, Fly 50, Typhoon 50/125, and some Fly 150s.

    At Scooter West we have the ability to do the following

    • Cut and program (aka; clone) keys to the existing BLUE SLAVE KEY. (Ideal if you want more BLUE KEYS and have lost your BROWN KEY. We'd need one existing blue key to perform this service)
    • Extract codes from a programmed ECU/CDI and supply a new MASTER KEY, as many SLAVE KEYS as you like, and a new lock and tumbler set. (This service is ideal for people that have lost BROWN and BLUE KEYS.)
    • Cut a BLUE KEY from a provided BROWN MASTER KEY. (The BLUE key would need to be programmed via the conventional programming steps.)
    • Provide additional BROWN MASTER KEYS. (The original BROWN MASTER KEY is required for this service.)
    • Key an original Vespa topcase to match the ignition. That's right, the same key for the topbox and ignition. (We'll NEED a BLUE or BROWN KEY.)
    • Sell, cut, and duplicate keys for most Vespa topcases.
    • Sell, cut, and duplicate keys for most brands of scooters: HONDA, YAMAHA, SUZUKI, APRILIA, GENUINE, SYM, KYMCO, and CHINESE SCOOTERS. (We'll need a functioning original key)

    Why do I have a Brown key and a blue key? How are they different?

    The Reddish-Brown KEY is the master programming key. In the Vespa world, this key is commonly referred to as the BROWN KEY or MASTER KEY. The Brown key burns a code into the ECU on fuel-injected models and into the CDI of carburated models. Once a code has been burned into an ECU or CDI it's burned in there forever. The ECU and CDI cannot be reprogrammed or re-burned. The Brown key is used to burn the code into the ECU or CDI and to program additional BLUE chipped keys. The Blue Key is the Slave Key. In the Vespa world, it's commonly referred to as the Blue Key. The Blue key is the key you should be using for everyday use. The Blue key is programmed via the Brown Master key. You can program as many as five blue keys. There is a programming operation that involves inserting the Brown key into the ignition which allows additional Blue keys to be programmed. Once all Blue keys have been inserted into the ignition and programmed the Brown key is inserted a final time and the program sequence is closed. Any Blue keys that were not included in this program sequence will be locked out. (see video on programming steps)

    If you have the Blue Slave Key and Brown Master Key

    You have TWO options. It's really easy to purchase, cut, and program additional Blue keys. You can purchase the original Vespa Blue key 573426 or an aftermarket Blue key KB10 for all the models that use the conventional looking key OR purchase 624440KB15, or 621306 for the models that use the "Sidewinder" style of key. Any local locksmith can take care of cutting this new key; however, we can cut the key blank if you are able to send us your original key.Option 1: If you can handle programming the cut key yourself then you ONLY need to send the Brown Master key. See Reference Number SERV-KEY01 or SERV-KEY01SW for pricing. Make sure to check out our key programming YouTube video. Essentially, we're only charging to cut a key blank with this option. You can select an original or aftermarket key blank with this option. Option 2: If you can't handle the programming then you need to send us your Blue Key. We'll clone the Blue Key and supply you with a key that will NOT need to be programmed via the Brown Key. See CUT AND CLONE DOUBLE SIDED KEY BLANK or CUT AND CLONE SIDEWINDER KEY BLANK for pricing.You can only use aftermarket key blanks with this service.

    If your Brown Master Key is Lost but you still have a Blue key

    We can clone your existing blue key and provide you with as many aftermarket blue keys as you want. Without the Brown master key you can NO longer use the original Vespa/Piaggio key blanks. You will need to send us the blue key for this service. See CUT AND CLONE DOUBLE SIDED KEY BLANK or CUT AND CLONE SIDEWINDER KEY BLANK for pricing. Again, you can only use aftermarket key blanks with this service.

    If you have lost ALL Keys:

    We can extract the code from your ECU/CDI and supply you with a new lock and tumbler set, master key, and as many slave keys as you would like. All keys will be pre-programmed to the original ECU/CDI of your scooter. This service saves you a ton of money as the ECU or CDI are expensive. You will need to send us your CDI or ECU. If you have a BV500 or X9 we'll need the ECU and immobolizer .

    Please note the year and model with each CDI or ECU you send us.
    • Vespa ET4, LX150, GT200, BV200, BV250 (2006 Only), and any other Carburated Vespa/Piaggio models with Immobilizer see Reference Number SERV-KEY004.
    • Vespa GTS 250/300, Super 250/300, GTV 250/300, LX150ie/LXV150ie (2011 and Newer), BV300, Fly 150 (3-valve) see Reference Number SERV-KEY005.
    • Piaggio BV350, MP3 250/400/500, Vespa 946 see Reference Number SERV-KEY006 or SERV-KEY007.
    Vespa ET4 150 (2001-2005) - Leader Motor
    Vespa GT60 (2007)
    Vespa GT200 (2004-2009) - Leader Motor Liquid Cooled
    Vespa GTS250ie (2006-2009)
    Vespa GTS250ie Super (2009)
    Vespa GTV250ie (2007-2009)
    Vespa GTS300 (2010-2014)
    Vespa GTS300 Super
    Super Sport (2010-2014)
    Vespa GTS300ie Super Sport (2010-2014)*
    Vespa GTS300 ABS
    Super Sport (2015-2017)
    Vespa GTS300 ABS
    Super Sport (2018-2019)
    Vespa GTS300ie Super Sport HPE (2020-Current)
    Vespa GTV300ie (2010-2014)
    Vespa GTV300ie ABS (2016-2019)
    Vespa LX 150 (2006-2009) - Leader Motor (2-Valve)
    Vespa LX 150 (2010-2014) - Fuel Injected Leader Motor (2-Valve)
    Vespa LXV (2007-2009) - Leader Motor (2-Valve)
    Vespa LXV (2010-2016) - Fuel Injected Leader Motor (2-Valve)
    Vespa Primavera 150 3V (2015-2016)
    Vespa Primavera 150 ABS 3V (2017-Current)
    Vespa Sprint 150 ABS 3V (2015-Current)
    Piaggio BV200 (2003-2005) Leader Motor Liquid Cooled
    Piaggio BV250 (2006-2007) Carbureted
    Piaggio BV250 (2007-2009) Fuel Injected
    Piaggio BV250 (2008-2009) 'Tourer"
    Piaggio BV300 (2009-2012)
    Piaggio BV500 2005-2009
    Piaggio Fly 150 (2014-Current) – 3-Valve
    Piaggio Liberty 150 ABS (2017-current)
    Piaggio LT150 (2003)
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