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Complete 6V Bulb Set for Vintage Vespa


In stock

(Actual Item May Vary from Image)
Customize Complete 6V Bulb Set for Vintage Vespa
6V 5W Round Bulb BA Base   + $1.95
6V 5W 38mm Fuse Type Bulb   + $2.40
6V 5W 41mm Fuse Type Bulb   + $2.40
6V 10W Round Type Bulb   + $2.40
6V 10W 39mm Fuse Type   + $2.40
6V 10W 44mm Fuse Type   + $2.40
6V 15W 43mm Fuse Type   + $2.40
6V 18W (44MM) Festoon Bulb   + $1.95
6V 21W Round Bulb   + $2.40
6V .6W BULB FOR SPEEDO 25MM (081862)   + $6.95

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Complete 6V Bulb Set for Vintage Vespa
Complete 6V Bulb Set for Vintage Vespa

In stock


    More Information

    Complete Set of 6 Volt Bulbs for Vintage Vespas.

    "There is beauty in simplicity." My high school photography teacher told me that back when photography was actually a high school subject. I remember little from high school but that statement has always stuck with me. It is very true when it come to describing the classic Vespas we have all come to love. It's even more true when describing the electrical systems of the Vintage Vespas.

    Many Vintage Vespas are not equipped with a voltage regulator. The Various Light Bulbs Actually Serve as the Voltage Regulator. It's a simple system that can be frustrating unless you have an assortment of bulbs on hand while trouble shooting. The wattage of each bulb(s) on each circuit needs to be perfectly balanced or bulbs will blow or illuminate to dimly. As the Vintage Vespas have been tinkered with over the years it's difficult to determine the exact wattages for each and every scooter. Additionally, headlights and taillights have been replaced with components from various manufacturers. An original taillight may use a round brake light bulb and a "festoon" type of taillight bulb but the replacement taillight might take the opposite. It's become impossible to know the size of the bulbs and figuring the wattages is even more challenging. It has boiled down to a scientific of system of trial and error.

    This master kit consists of every possible 6 volt bulb you'll find on a Vintage Vespa, Excluding the Headlight Bulb which is sold separately. You will have everything you need to try various combinations of wattages in your taill, pilot, brake, speedo, and turn signal lights so you can get this touchy system perfectly balanced. Duplicates of the more common bulbs are included. In total this kit comes with 11 different (16 total), 6 volt bulbs.

    We know it may seem excessive to buy so many bulbs but it's not. Trust us. We've been playing around with Vintage Vespa for too long to lead anyone astray. You have to have an assortment of bulbs on hand in order to get the electrical system "dialed in." Any longtime Vintage Vespa owner will attest to the need to have extra bulbs on hand for maintenance down the road. Commonly, we one bulb blows, they all blow. This kit of bulbs has got you covered.

    Kit Includes:

    -QTY. 2, 1 Watt 31mm Festoon Bulbs (Speedo and/or High Beam indicator)
    -QTY. 2, 5 Watt Round Base Bulbs (Pilot, and/or Tail Light)
    -QTY. 2, 5 Watt 38mm Festoon Bulbs (Tail Light)
    -QTY. 1, 5 Watt Festoon Bulb (Tail Light)
    -QTY. 2, 10 Watt Round Base Bulbs (Pilot, Brake, and/or Tail Light)
    -QTY. 2, 10 Watt 38mm Festoon Bulbs (Brake and/or Tail Light)
    -QTY. 2, 10 Watt 44mm Festoon Bulbs (Brake and/or Tail Light)
    -QTY. 1, 15 Watt Round Base Bulb (Pilot, Brake, and/or Tail Light)
    -QTY. 1, 15 Watt 44 mm Festoon Bulb (Brake and/or Tail Light)
    -QTY. 1, 18 Watt 44 mm Festoon Bulb (Bar End Signal, Brake and/or Tail Light)
    -QTY. 2, 21 Watt Round Base Bulbs (Signal)

    TECH TIP - 
    -Start by installing higher wattage bulbs. Make sure the dimensions are correct.
    --Start the scooter and see how brightly the bulbs shine at idle and full throttle
    --Install lower wattage bulbs if they are too dim.

    -Always clean any grease off the glass surface of the bulbs that can get transferred from your fingertips.

    -Be patient and pay attention and you'll be alight. 

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