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Tire Kit **Zippy 1** Vespa Smallframe

Regular Price $152.80 Your Price $109.70 Savings $43.10

In stock

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Customize Tire Kit **Zippy 1** Vespa Smallframe
Continental 3.00x10 Zippy 1   + $42.86
Kenda tube 3.00x10 (Small Frame Vespa)   + $8.89
8mm Nut for Wheel and more (13mm OD)   + $0.31
8mm Lock Washer (Split Washer)   + $0.31

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Tire Kit **Zippy 1** Vespa Smallframe
Tire Kit **Zippy 1** Vespa Smallframe

In stock


    More Information
    Brand Continental

    <b>Front and Rear 3.00 x 10 Tire Kit for the Vespa Smallframe</b>

    A standard tire kit that includes tires, inner tubes, and new washers and nuts for mounting the rim halves together, all at a fantastic price.

    Continental Zippy 1 tires are probably the most run tire on vintage Vespas. They handle exceptionally well and offer good tread life.  We've personally run hundreds of these tires on our own scooters.  Tubeless type tires - These tires can be run with an innertube or run on tubeless rims and tires.

    Search "TKSF" on our website to see all our 3.00x10 tire kits for all Vespa Small Frames.

    See the related items below for the individual parts included within the tire kit.

    This Tire Kit fits:
    --Vespa 50 (V5A)
    --Vespa 50 Special (V5B)
    --Vespa SS50 (V5SS)
    --Vespa 90 (V9A)
    --Vespa SS90 (V9SS)
    --Vespa 100 Sport(V9B)
    --Vespa VMA1 125cc
    --Vespa Primavera (VMA2)
    --Vespa ET3(VMB)
    --Vespa PK50
    --Vespa PK125

    Vespa 50 (1963-1965) Early - V5A
    Vespa 50 (1966-1983) - V5A
    Vespa 50 Special (1969-1983) - V5B
    Vespa 50 Special (1974-1976) - V5B (USA)
    Vespa 50 Special (1977-1981) - V5B (USA)
    Vespa 50 SS (1965-1971) - V5SS
    Vespa 90 (1963-1967) Early -V9A
    Vespa 90 (1967-1984) - V9A
    Vespa 90 (1974-1977) - V9A (USA)
    Vespa 90SS Super Sprint (1965-1971) - V9SS
    Vespa 100 (1978-1984) – V9B (Euro)
    Vespa 100 Sport (1978-1984) - V9B (Canada)
    Vespa 100 Sport (1980-1981) - V9B (USA)
    Vespa ET3 (1976-1983) – VMB
    Vespa 125 Sears (1966) - VMA1 (Blue Badge)
    Vespa 125 Primavera (1965-1967) - VMA1
    Vespa 125 Primavera (1967-1983) - VMA2 (Euro)
    Vespa 125 Primavera (1974-1977) - VMA2 (USA)
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