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Solo Seat Vespa S

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Brand Vespa

SEXY SEXY SEXY!!! This seat is guaranteed to light a fire in the loins of the opposite sex, or same sex if that's how you party. No matter how you roll, this seat will get you some action!!

The 2008 and 2009 Vespa S. 50 and 150 models came with this ultra sleek and sexy sloped back and sporty seat. The Vespa S. is modeled after the Bertone designed, Vespa 50 Special, that sold really well for Vespa in the late 70's and early 80's. One of the unique elements of the Bertone designed 50 Special was this unique style of seat of sloped-backed solo seat.

Vespa did away with this seat at the factory for all models built in 2010 and on in favor of the two-person version of this same seat. It's a shame, this is the seat Bertone would like to see on the contemporary classic Vespa S modeled upon his design. We have found that this seat, when accompanied with a topcase, makes for a more comfortable ride for a passenger than the standard two-person bench seat. 

We even have matching top case back rest pads* to complete your color swap! See the related items below. *Top case required and sold separately.

Changing this seat out on any Vespa S, LX, LXV, or ET is very easy. It's just two easy accessible nuts that need to be released, swap the seat, and replace the nuts. Your man-jokes have been duly noted :)

You will need to re-use your old lock cylinder and lock clip from your old seat. It's pretty easy to swap. There is a little C-shaped wire clip under the seat holding in your existing lock cylinder. Pull that clip out to release the old lock cylinder from the old seat, slide the lock cylinder into the new seat, and replace the wire clip. Do not lose the wire clip! We can't get replacements.

This seat will also fit:
--Vespa LX50
--Vespa LX150
--Vespa LX150ie
--Vespa S50
--Vespa S150
--Vespa S150ie
--Vespa LXV50
--Vespa LXV150
--Vespa LXV150ie
--Vespa ET2 (Lock is on the other side)
--Vespa ET4 (Lock is on the other side) 

Vespa LX 50 (2006-2009) - 4-Stroke 2-Valve
Vespa LX 50 (2010-2014) - 4-Stroke 4-Valve
Vespa LX 150 (2006-2009) - Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa LX 150 (2010-2014) - Fuel Injected Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa LXV (2007-2009) - Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa LXV (2010-2016) - Fuel Injected Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa S 50 (2009-2014) - 4-Stroke 4-Valve
Vespa S 150 (2008-2009) - Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa S 150ie (2010-2014) - Fuel Injected Leader Motor (2-Valve)
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