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Key Blank Vespa ET4-LX150-GT-GTS-More

Regular Price $37.49 Your Price $34.95 Savings $2.54
9+ In stock
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Brand Vespa

This key fits:
-LX 150
-GT 125-200
-GTS 125-300
-Many more Piaggio scooters with immobilizer

Here's some advice: driving around your Vespa with the brown key is a bad idea. It's an idea that's potentially $600-plus-a-lot-of-headache bad. It's such a bad idea, in fact, that it's a good idea to get about a dozen key blanks, have them all programmed and then hide them all over the house while your brown key sits in a safe deposit box in the most trusted bank in your town.

Okay, maybe not a dozen. But at this price, it's really a low-risk strategy to cut a couple of blue keys and then never have to worry about that darn brown key going missing. 

This key is an original Vespa Key Blank with a microchip. It fits ET4-LX150-GT200-GTS-Super300 and more scooters with the Piaggio immobilizer chip. It also works for other Piaggio scooters with the immobilizer, including the BV200-BV250-some Aprilias and more. After you order one, most locksmiths can cut a new one and program it for you (assuming you still have your brown key...). 

Vespa ET4 150 (2001-2005) - Leader Motor
Vespa GT60 (2007)
Vespa GT200 (2004-2009) - Leader Motor Liquid Cooled
Vespa GTS250ie (2006-2009)
Vespa GTS250ie Super (2009)
Vespa GTV250ie (2007-2009)
Vespa GTS300 (2010-2014)
Vespa GTS300 Super
Super Sport (2010-2014)
Vespa GTS300 ABS
Super Sport (2015-2017)
Vespa GTS300 ABS
Super Sport (2018-Current)
Vespa GTS300ie Super Sport ABS (2015-2017)*
Vespa GTV300ie (2010-2014)
Vespa GTV300ie ABS (2016-Current)
Vespa LX 150 (2006-2009) - Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa LX 150 (2010-2014) - Fuel Injected Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa LXV (2007-2009) - Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa LXV (2010-2016) - Fuel Injected Leader Motor (2-Valve)
Vespa Primavera 150 3V (2015-2016)
Vespa Primavera 150 ABS 3V (2017-Current)
Vespa Sprint 150 ABS 3V (2015-Current)
Piaggio BV200 (2003-2005) Leader Motor Liquid Cooled
Piaggio BV250 (2006-2007) Carbureted
Piaggio BV250 (2007-2009) Fuel Injected
Piaggio BV250 (2008-2009) 'Tourer"
Piaggio BV300 (2009-2012)
Piaggio BV500 2005-2009
Piaggio Fly 150 (2006-2013) – Leader Motor 2-Valve
Piaggio Liberty 150 ABS (2017-current)
Piaggio LT150 (2003)
Piaggio X9 500 (2003-2008)
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