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Throttle Slide GS160 SS180 NOS

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(Actual Item May Vary from Image)

Ref. Number: 097156


Item Description

NOS throttle slide for the SI 27/23 carburetor on GS160 and SS180 models.

5963-2 is stamped on the slide. Technically correct for both the VSB GS160 and VSC SS180 models. Perfect NOS condition and never been in a carburetor before. Perfect for replacing worn out or missing carburetor slides. This is the part that attaches to the throttle cable and opens and closes the venturi in the carb.

45.8mm tall
29.7mm wide
4.9mm thick

About NOS parts:

The part being listed here is "N.O.S." which in our business means "New Old Stock" (despite your neighbor with the fast tractor or bald-tired Civic telling you it's nitrous). N.O.S parts are made by in Italy by Vespa, but made a very long time ago when parts were built to last. You know how people say, "They don't make parts like thy used to." These are the parts they are talking about!

N.O.S. parts are THE BEST QUALITY you can ever get your hands on and are extremely rare, never to be made again, and are like gold when you find them. We recently did inventory, cleaned up our shelves, and found a bunch of NOS parts to offer you for sale. Once they are gone they are gone for good, likely to never be found again. Take advantage of these parts while you can. Even if you don't need them now, they will be an attribute for your future builds and an attribute to the community by keeping Vespas at the at the high quality they were designed to be.

Expect these parts to have a few scratches, scuffs, and maybe a little surface rust because many of them have been around on shelves for 30-60 years. We will list any considerable defects or any condition issues you need to be concerned with in the item descriptions. Sometimes they look used because Piaggio coated them in oil, wax, or varnish originally to protect them. Be assured that these parts are new, will clean up easily, and once installed will be the absolute highest quality and longest lasting parts you will ever find.

Here at Scooter West, we strive for integrity and to offer the best parts available. These N.O.S. parts are a prime example of what we are able to offer after serving the Vespa community for over 20 years.

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