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Siem Headlight Assembly GL/SS

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Ref. Number: 070459P


Item Description

Premium SIEM Headlight Assembly with Bezel SS180 GL150 and other Trapezoid headsets

A near perfect reproduction of a SIEM Headlight Assembly for Vespa SS180, GL150, and some 60s Vespa Sprint and Super models with a Trapezoid headlight. "SIEM" is proudly stamped on both the glass lens and the chrome bezel, just like the original. Included with this purchase is a tremendously nice chrome bezel, glass headlight lens, and main headlight body (also called the reflector). There are bulb holes for both a main headlight bulb and also a pilot light bulb. Installing a new headlight assembly on your Vespa will give brighter headlights at night and stunning good looks during the day.

Bulbs and Bulb Holder are NOT included See the related items below for bulb options,BULB HOLDER and a CHEAPER HEADLIGHT ASSEMBLY (cheaper price and quality).

This Item Originally Fit the following EUROPEAN MARKET Vespas:
--Vespa SS180 with Trapezoid Headset
--Vespa GL150 with Trapezoid Headset
--Vespa Sprint 150 with Trapezoid Headset --Vespa Super 125/150 with Trapezoid Headset

Original GRABOR-SIEM Reproduction Component. SIEM was the Italian company that Vespa contracted with from circa 1950-1985 for manufacturing of switches, headlights, taillights, and related electrical components until they went out of business in the mid 80s. The quality of original Siem components has been lacking on the spare parts market since their closure. In 2010, an Italian lighting and switch manufacturing company called GRABOR purchased the manufacturing rights and tooling to all the original Siem-made Vespa components.

What does this mean to any vintage Vespa owning individual? It means that Siem and the Italian-made quality that comes with the Siem name is BACK. This stuff is the NICEST you can buy. It's like going back in time and buying New Old Stock components from the future. Is that even possible?

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