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Side Stand GT GTS GTV Chrome Aftermarket Sidestand

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Ref. Number: GT10AC
You Save: $12.96


Item Description

Aftermarket chrome side stand kit for the 2003-2013 GT, GTS, and GTV series Vespas.

Made in Italy by Buzzetti, the best Italian side stand company of all time.

The 200, 250, and 300 cc Vespas can be a little tricky to get up on to the center stand. This sidestand makes it much easier. Just kick down the side stand and be on your way. Great for shorter or smaller riders to use while getting on and off the scooter, even if you are still planning on using the center stand. The sidestand is used as an alternative option to the center stand. Installing a handy sidestand does not require the removal or effect the operations of the standard center stand.

Very easy to install and includes all hardware necessary for mounting including springs, bolt, buffer, and o-rings. See part number "GT10P" for general installation instructions. The spring puller tool in the related items below makes this installation even easier.

Also available in black and Original Vespa. See related items below.

This side stand is not technically correct for 2014 and newer GTS and GTV models. It will install but you will have to drill a hole into the frame to mount the springs.

This side stand kit fits 2003-2013:
-GTS250ie Super
-GTS300ie Super

Installation difficulty: - Easy with basic tools

TECH TIP - This SIDESTAND installs with common sense and basic tools, however reference # TOOLSPRING , will make the job much easier and safer. The special hooked spring installation tool will keep a rogue spring from flying across your garage or from taking out your eye and leaving yourself blind ;). Total installation time shouldn't exceed 15 minutes. Make sure to use a high quality grease with a viscosity similar to the grease used by ScooterWest's service department (reference # GREASE).

**Disclaimer** Sidestands are less stable than centerstands. The Vespa sidestands don't lock in the down position. You also need to make sure your scooter is parked on stable and flat ground when the side stand is in use. When used with common sense they are very handy to have.

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