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Scooter Hibernation Kit for 300cc & Up Scooters

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Ref. Number: WINTER04


Item Description

Gonna park your scooter until Spring? Save yourself some money and headaches by planning ahead and winterizing your scooter before you park it. You already parked your scooter for the season a month ago? It's never too late to take care of your scooter with these money-saving winterizing kits.

We're in San Diego, California and ride year round but we realize most of the country doesn't have this luxury. No matter where you are, we care about you and your scooter.

This Hibernation kit fits:
-Most 300cc and larger scooters
-Vespa 200-300cc GT, GTS/GTV/Super (So long as accessories are installed. Large frame Modern Vespas without accessories will fit a Large cover)
-Kymco 250 and Larger
-Suzuki Burgman
-Honda Reflex, Silverwing
-Piaggio MP3, BV

**NOTE**-Not sure which kit to order? Email or call us and let us know your model of scooter and more importantly any accessories, like windshields and topcases, that might be installed and we can recommend the best possible size for your application.

This hand-picked winterizing kit includes a high quality scooter cover made by Dowco. These covers offer great protection for scooters parked outside in the elements or inside a garage or basement.

The Fuel Stabilizer will keep the gas in your tank and carburetor fresh. It will eliminate the need for a carburetor cleaning or fuel tank flush come Spring time.

The 12 volt Battery Tender will keep the battery in your scooter safely maintained and charged through the chilly winter months. Battery tenders have a safety shut-off mechanism that automatically kicks in and shuts the charger off once the battery has reached a full charge. The same automatic mechanism cycles on when the battery reaches a specific discharge level. This means you attach the charger to your battery via either of the two handy leads that are included, plug it into a 110volt house-hold outlet, and leave it alone until you're ready to ride next season. Simply put and citing Ron Popeil, "Set it and Forget it!"

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