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Rubber Kit for P-Series Scooters

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Ref. Number: RUBBERK-P
You Save: $24.00


Item Description

Rubber Kit For Body, Frame, Chassis on a P-Series Vespa.

This isn't necessarily a complete rubber kit but it does include all the key body grommets and rubber bits for any P125, P150, P200. If fitting to a Stella or post-1984 P-Series, the rubber center mat for the floor will not be correct for your model. All pieces are BLACK rubber.

Customers ask for "Complete Rubber Kits" all of the time. What does this entail: Every single o-ring inside the engine, inner tubes, grips? A truly "Complete Rubber Kit" would consist of so many components and carry such a cost that it likely wouldn't be very practical. We've settled on our own in-house Scooter West rubber kits that consist of only the Key Body and Frame Grommets. All other rubber components found on your P-series scooter can be purchased a la carte or in other groups of items on our website. TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT THE PICTURE, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET.

This rubber kit is not like the ones you see on Ebay and other parts suppliers for a couple of reasons.

1. Our kits are assembled by us from individual components to fit your Model of Scooter. It's not a universal kit full of a bunch of junky plastic and rubber bits that won't work for your scooter.

2. 95% of these rubber bits are made in Italy. If you appreciate quality and only want to buy the rubber bits for your restoration or overhaul one time, then you should invest in this kit.

These kits are intended to make shopping from us as convenient as possible.

Itemized list of components:
--Grommet for Throttle/Choke Cables and Wiring Harness through frame
--Grommet for Fuel Line through frame
--Grommet for Oil Line through frame
--Grommet for Selector Cables through frame
--Grommet for Clutch and Rear Brake Cables through frame
--Grommet for Oil Sight Glass
--Grommets for Wiring Harness at junction box (QTY. 2)
--Grommets for Cowl Latches (QTY. 2)
--Rubber between Gas Tank and Frame
--Rubber for Cowls to frame
--Rubber for Glovebox to frame
--Rubber for rear Cowl Locator Peg to frame (QTY. 2)
--Rubber for Spring-Loaded Cowl Latch (QTY. 2)
--Rubber for Brake Pedal
--Rubber for Kickstart Lever
--Rubber Mat on floor-board center console
--Rubber sheathing for Selector Cables
--Buffers for Glovebox Door (QTY. 4)
--Air Intake Hose from carburetor box to frame

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