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P Regulator for 1977-1979 P125X-P200E

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Ref. Number: 218060


Item Description

P125X-P200E USA model with 12V regulator for 1977-1979 and a few early 1979 with 4 pole regulator. This is a modified regulator to fit these Vespas since the original style is long out of production, but these work even better than the original and with better charging. We include a bracket so the hole pattern is the same, but it hooks up a little different (instructions are included and it's very easy to install).

Item Properties

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Scooter Fit

Item Type

Motorsport Scooters Replaceme...

Motorsport Scooters

Replacement Voltage Regulator

Part # 218060 for early Vespa P125x, P200e and 100 sport

Wire color on replacement regulator

Wire color on scooter’s wiring harness


Yellow (from stator charging coil)


Yellow (from stator charging coil)


Pink (to fuse holder tied to Battery +)


Black Ground ring terminal goes between upper regulator mounting point and 6mm screw. Verify that the terminal and screw are clean metal for a good ground connection.


Purple wire going to original voltage regulator is not used, tape off or cut the wire near the turn signal flasher to prevent shorts.

Troubleshooting: With a fully charged battery, the charging voltage at the battery should be 13.8-14.5 volts with the engine running at approximately 2500 RPMs. If the charging voltage is lower (12.7-13.7 volts) you may have loose connection, corrosion at the fuse holder or a de-magnetized flywheel. If there is no charging voltage (battery float voltage of 12-12.6 volts) inspect the yellow wires at the stator plate, they may have damaged insulation or a poor connection.


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