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NGK Dual Electrode Spark Plug Vespa 300cc

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Ref. Number: CR8EKB


Item Description

NGK Dual Electrode Spark Plug Vespa 300cc. These now come in the 2011 300cc GTS and Super, but will also fit most models from ET4 to GTS 250 and most Piaggio scooters 150cc to 500cc (NOTE: some 500cc require 2 spark plugs).

**The "8" heat range is one level colder of a heat range than the Original Equipment plug. This "cooler" plug is better for sustained freeway speeds and severe conditions**

Dual electrode spark plugs provide better ignition "quality" at the beginning of the burning of the air fuel mixture. That will
produce "peak power" and better fuel economy. These also don't need gaping and will last much longer then conventional plugs and are less likely to mis-firer or foul out.

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