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Malossi X360 Reed Valve manifold for Vespa Rally, P, and PX

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Ref. Number: M205458
You Save: $50.00


Item Description

Malossi 30mm Reed Manifold for Vespa P/PX – New Improved X360 design (2014913)

Malossi 30mm reed manifold for 28-32mm carburetors on Vespa Super, Sprint, Rally, P, and PX models. This is a brand new improved design from Malossi that allows the carburetor to oriented in any direction you see fit by rotating the rubber boot. You can even run the carb towards the back of the scooter.

There is a cover for the oil injection built into the manifold to cover up where your old oil pump was. This manifold will not allow you to keep your oil injection, but you’ll want to premix with this kit anyway. A larger carburetor is an excellent mate for a big bore cylinder kit and more aggressive exhaust. On scooters with a stock cylinder kit or stock exhaust, this will mostly be a waste of fuel, but works excellently with a cylinder kit and performance exhaust.

For optimal performance, you will need to open up the intake on the engine cases. You should have a free flowing and open intake for this reed valve. The included instruction manual has diagrams for how much needs to be removed and from where on the cases.

Includes all hardware and gaskets necessary for installation of this manifold and even a hose clamp for the carburetor (carburetor not included). Malossi Stickers included!

Alternate original part numbers for this part:

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This part fits:

-Vespa VNB 125 (1959-1961) – VNB1
-Vespa VNB 125 (1961) – VNB2
-Vespa VNB 125 (1961-1962) – VNB3
-Vespa VNB 125 (1962-1963) – VNB4
-Vespa VNB 125 (1963-1964) – VNB5
-Vespa VNB 125 (1964-1966) – VNB6
-Vespa 125 Super (1965-1969) - VNC
-Vespa GT 125 (1961-1973) – VNL2
-Vespa GTR 125 (1968-1978) – VNL2
-Vespa TS 125 (1975-1978) – VNL3
-Vespa P125X (1977-1982) – VNX1
-Vespa PX125 (1981-1997)
-Vespa PX125 Disk (1998-2014)

-Vespa VBA150 (1959-1960) - VBA
-Vespa VBB 150 (1960-1962) – VBB1
-Vespa VBB 150 (1962-1965) – VBB2
-Vespa Super 150 (1965-1979) – VBC
-Vespa Super 150 (1974-1977) – VBC (USA)
-Vespa Sprint 150 (1966) – VLB (Sears Blue Badge)
-Vespa Sprint 150 (1965-1974) – VLB
-Vespa Sprint 150 (1974-1977) – VLB (USA)
-Vespa Sprint Veloce 150 (1969-1979) – VLB
-Vespa P150S/X (1978-1983) - VLX
-Vespa PX150E EFL Arcobaleno (1984) - VLX
-Vespa PX150 (2005) - VLX (USA)

-Vespa Rally 180 (1968-1973) – VSD

-Vespa Rally 200 (1972-1979) – VSE
-Vespa Rally 200 (1974-1976) - VSE (USA Femsa)
-Vespa Rally 200 (1977) – VSE (USA Ducati)
-Vespa P200E (1977-1979) – VSX
-Vespa P200E (1980-1981) – VSX
-Vespa PX200 (1984-2014) - VSX

-Allstate 788.94495 (1961-1962)
-Allstate 788.94330 (1963)
-Allstate 788.94331 (1964)
-Allstate 788.94332 (1965)

Scooter West has been a proud distributor of Malossi products since 1995. We
keep more Malossi part numbers in stock than any other company in North America.
When it comes to quality performance scooter parts, MALOSSI is the long-standing
industry leader for price, selection, and quality. All Malossi components are
made 100% in Italy. All final manufacturing, assembly, and research and
development is done at their impressive facility in Bologna, Italy. Literally,
just down the street from Ducati and a 20 minute drive from Ferrari. The quality
of Malossi components is commonly far superior to comparable original equipment
components. They are after-all, designed and race-track tested and approved.

Like many other Italian aftermarket companies, Malossi has humble beginnings as
a small family business sprung from one man's passion. Mr. Ugo Malossi started
tuning and manufacturing the best performance carburetors in the region under
the tutelage of his mechanically accomplished father, Armando. In 1957, with the
vision of Ugo, Malossi was formally born. Ugo's son and daughter are the active
managers of the company and they share in their father's passion and vision to
“Always improve.”

**Disclaimer** No Refunds, Exchanges, or Returns on performance items.
Certain performance items may void your factory warranty. Additionally, some
performance items may not be suitable for on-road use. Scooter West is not
responsible for any damages caused by the correct or incorrect installation
and/or misuse of any performance products. With all this standard legal jargon
being said, we wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't install on our own

Ride with the Best. Ride Malossi

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