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Malossi Torsion Controller Spring Slider 50cc Piaggio Honda Kymco

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Ref. Number: M2512828


Item Description

Fits most 50 cc PIAGGIO - HONDA - KYMCO - PEUGEOT- SYM and more. This little wonder will decrease vibration and stabilize transmission operation at any RPM and temperature. During the automatic CVT power curve, the bushing of the torque driver makes a small rotation, giving torsion to the contrasting spring. Sometimes the spring will bind (because it is metal on metal) or remain stuck in its position causing some un-wanted forces (jerking and/or bucking). Also, the centrifugal forces caused at high rpm causes the spring to buckle and veer, which can create a big vibration, very annoying for the driver as well as harmful to the engine and, above all, making for an unsteady power curve and loss of power. The installation of the Malossi Torsion Controller can help eliminate these problems by smoothing out the metal to metal binding and simultaneously pre-loading the stock spring. A long time secret of the Malossi race team that can now be yours. This is simply the best little performance item you can buy for a smoother transmission and improved power on a stock or fully tuned scooter. Clutch spring NOT included, price is for one silder, which is all that is required.

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