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Malossi Over-Drive Kit 22/45 300cc Vespa/Piaggio

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Ref. Number: M6714844


Item Description

Malossi Over-Drive Kit 22/45 300cc Vespa/Piaggio (Quasar M454M)

This set of gears will increase your potential top speed and decrease your RPMS. Overdrive kits are great options for people that tour or ride at speeds over 75MPH with regularity. You'll increase your miles per gallon and range on a full tank with this set of gears. For people that really want to push the limits of what your Vespa 250/300 can do, this is a must. The lower RPMs and greater top speed keep your engine running more safely and under the radar of your engine's rev limiter.

We do lots of touring on our Vespas and the overdrive is a must. People are often concerned about a negative effect on off-the-line performance. All we can say is "no worries." The Vespas are already faster than they need to be off the line. If you're going to tour or hit the freeway for long stretches at a time, this kit is the way to go.

We'd suggest buying the cover gasket, ref # 847931 and oil seal, ref # 82539R to make sure you've got all the necessary parts on hand for the installation.

Scooter West has been a proud distributor of Malossi products since 1995. We
keep more Malossi part numbers in stock than any other company in North America.
When it comes to quality performance scooter parts, MALOSSI is the long-standing
industry leader for price, selection, and quality. All Malossi components are
made 100% in Italy. All final manufacturing, assembly, and research and
development is done at their impressive facility in Bologna, Italy. Literally,
just down the street from Ducati and a 20 minute drive from Ferrari. The quality
of Malossi components is commonly far superior to comparable original equipment
components. They are after-all, designed and race-track tested and approved.

Like many other Italian aftermarket companies, Malossi has humble beginnings as
a small family business sprung from one man's passion. Mr. Ugo Malossi started
tuning and manufacturing the best performance carburetors in the region under
the tutelage of his mechanically accomplished father, Armando. In 1957, with the
vision of Ugo, Malossi was formally born. Ugo's son and daughter are the active
managers of the company and they share in their father's passion and vision to
“Always improve.”

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