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Malossi 4 Valve Cylinder Head for Liquid Cooled Vespa/Piaggio

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Ref. Number: M3813273
You Save: $169.96


Item Description

The 1st performance head for Vespa/Piaggio 4-stroke, liquid cooled engines 200 cc, 250 cc, 300 cc. These are the latest in design and technology. 25% larger ports and will increases your scooters power by 15-25%.

Includes valves and head, but NOT the gaskets or cam.

Technical Specifications:

* Head made of gravity-fed cast aluminum alloy, tempered and sandblasted, machined within thousandth (mm) tolerances utilizing super precise work cells.

* Valve guides designed with new profile, made using a powdered metal sintering process (steel, phosphorous, carbon, copper and manganese).

* Valve seats made of cobalt-molybdenum steel alloy characterized by copper infiltration and a special heat/chemical treatment. Increased intake valve - ø 25 mm, made of a special steel alloy and a special heat/chemical treatment.

* Increased exhaust valve - ø 22.2 mm and made of Nimonich 80 material (Nickel, Chromium, Titanium, and Aluminum alloy).

* Exhaust and Intake valve springs made of Si-Cr oil-tempered and annealed steel, designed to operate optimally under increased loads due to increased engine power.

You will have to modify the original piston to fit this head or buy the big bore Malossi cylinder number M3113928 (or M3111473 for 200cc GT-BV).


Maximized acceleration, higher RPM's and craftmanship of the highest caliber is what you can expect from the Malossi Multivar Variator kit. With years of tuning experience behind them, Malossi sought to design a way for all scooterists to benefit from their racing legacy and be able to tune and bolt on power quickly and easily.

Scooter West has been a proud distributor of Malossi products since 1995. We
keep more Malossi part numbers in stock than any other company in North America.
When it comes to quality performance scooter parts, MALOSSI is the long-standing
industry leader for price, selection, and quality. All Malossi components are
made 100% in Italy. All final manufacturing, assembly, and research and
development is done at their impressive facility in Bologna, Italy. Literally,
just down the street from Ducati and a 20 minute drive from Ferrari. The quality
of Malossi components is commonly far superior to comparable original equipment
components. They are after-all, designed and race-track tested and approved.

Like many other Italian aftermarket companies, Malossi has humble beginnings as
a small family business sprung from one man's passion. Mr. Ugo Malossi started
tuning and manufacturing the best performance carburetors in the region under
the tutelage of his mechanically accomplished father, Armando. In 1957, with the
vision of Ugo, Malossi was formally born. Ugo's son and daughter are the active
managers of the company and they share in their father's passion and vision to
“Always improve.”

**Disclaimer** No Refunds, Exchanges, or Returns on performance items.
Certain performance items may void your factory warranty. Additionally, some
performance items may not be suitable for on-road use. Scooter West is not
responsible for any damages caused by the correct or incorrect installation
and/or misuse of any performance products. With all this standard legal jargon
being said, we wouldn't sell anything that we wouldn't install on our own
scooters. We are blessed to have a Robot running our service department that
makes sure everything is installed correctly on our personal scooters ;).

We've install a few of these n...

We've install a few of these now and they 
are amazing. Here's a few tips for installing

When installing this kit on any fuel injected
model like the 250 or 300, the small spigot
near the thermostat needs to be cut off.
Not noted in the instructions.
If your installing this kit on a carbureted
GT200or BV200. It would be recommend
that the thermostat housing be upgraded
to the GTS style and the carburetor heater
hoses and bypass hoses will be eliminated.
It will also save time not needing to drill
the Malossi cylinder head out.
Also the small o-ring under the thermostat
housing will need to be replaced when
installing the head, see the part number
on the SERV-GT-TOP-END,something like
The head makes a noticeable different at high
RPMs/ high speed but not much at the lower
RPMs. It will always benefit from lighter
roller weights than stock.


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