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LED H4 Headlight Kit for Vespa GT GTS Super 300 Sprint 150 Primavera 150

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Ref. Number: LEDH4-IA
You Save: $49.01


Item Description

Dual Filament LED Kit for Vespa GT, GTS, Super 300, Sprint 150, and Primavera 150

We've finally sourced a high quality, compact LED kit that we can sell with total confidence. We'll soon have a step by step YouTube video that show the installation on the most Popular Vespa models, but it's really plug and play and so simple it doesn't even need instructions.

This LED headlight-kit HAS dual filament settings (hi and low beam) and will install in most modern Vespa 150 to 300 that take an H4 style bulb and run off the battery (will not work on AC powered modern 50cc Vespas).

The running light, or pilot bulb, is not included with the LED kit. This is the smaller secondary bulb that's adjacent to the main headlight bulb on some models. If your Vespa has a pilot bulb and you want it to match your new LED headlight bulb then we'd suggest you purchase this LED BULB as an upgrade to the standard incandescent bulb that's installed from the factory. 2015 and newer Vespa GTS and Super DO NOT come equipped with a pilot light bulb.

LED stands for “Light Omitted Diode”, in layman's terms: “Super Bright Headlight.” The light output is blinding. Seriously, don't stare into these when they are illuminated. Surprisingly, this LED only draws 20 watts of power but produces 3 times more light than your stock halogen bulb. LED's also operate at a cooler temperature and last longer than conventional halogen bulbs. The light emitted is a much brighter white with a tint of blue, that has become the “norm” on all high-end cars and motorcycles.

This LED kit fits the following Vespas

-LX 125/150 (not 50cc)
-LXV 125/150 (not 50cc)
-Primavera 125/150 (not 50cc)
-Sprint 125/150 (not 50cc)
-GTS250ie Super
-GTS300ie Super (Super Sport)

It's very possible that this LED kit will work on a variety of other scooters. Any headlight must be DC operated and use the H4 style of bulb. Assuming there is enough clearance for the actual bulb and heat sink you should be in the clear.


Installation difficulty: - EASY WITH BASIC TOOLS.

**Disclaimer** All electrical items are sold as is and cannot be returned. Check for any on-road use restrictions with your local authorities before purchasing this kit.


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