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LED Euro Turn Signal Light Kit FRONT ONLY Sprint and Primavera

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Ref. Number: MI200-PR-FRT


Item Description

Scooterwest Exclusive Kit For Removing the FRONT U.S. SPEC POD TURN SIGNALS for Fitment of Any Sprint or Primavera Accessory Windshield.

The 2014 and newer Vespa Sprints and Primaveras that are shipped to North America come equipped with the DOT approved pod turn signals in the front and the rear of the scooter. The pod turn signals commonly look like an after though. It’s because they are. Two-wheelers (from all manufactures) to be sold in North America have come equipped with these unsightly little nuggets since the 1970’s. Not only do they kill the aesthetics of the scooter and stick out so far that they beg to be broken off; they also interfere with a lot of the various aftermarket and OEM accessories that make customizing your Vespa possible.

We’re Vespa loving optimists and thanks to the brilliance of Robot; We’re also pretty creative. We’ve developed a variety of LED lighting upgrades that allow for the removal of these pod turn signals while improving the overall visibility of your scooter. This specific kit ONLY REMOVES THE FRONT TURN SIGNALS. It’s ideal for anyone that’s looking to fit any of the Faco branded windshields.

Installation difficulty: - Easy With Basic Tools. Follow the You Tube instructional video and you'll be fine.

See MI200-PR for our deluxe LED lighting kit that allows you to remove the FRONT and REAR pod turn signals with one plug and play kit.

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