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GT/GTS/GTV Power Plug In SAND Pair **Closeout**

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(Actual Item May Vary from Image)

Ref. Number: GTSPP-SN


Item Description

Closeout Item. So cheap it’s practically free. Once sold out, this item will no longer be offered by Scooterwest. Get it while we still got it.

**SAND** Just plug and play with this ready to go power plug. Installs in minutes. Just one screw and plug it in and you'll be ready to charge your cell phone, PDA, Ipod, Game Boy, power a GPS or whatever you need to power with 12V (up to 5amp). Includes knee pad(s), plastic cap that seals the outlet when it's not in use, and wiring leads. No splicing of wires is required. These exclusive kits include all you'll need for installation.

This includes part number PP3 which does not need to be purchased separately.

These are setup to have switched power. In other words, there is power available ONLY when the ignition is turned on. See PP4 for the wiring lead that will provide power with the ignition on or off.

You will need a SPLITTER if you are planning on installing two electrical accessories such as our LED kit, power plug, alarm, horn cover LED, etc.

See video for installation instructions.

Works on 2003-2014 GT200, GTS250, GTV250, GT60, and Super. Does not fit on European ABS equipped models.

You will need an Alarm Interface Adapter if you are planning on installing this kit on a GTS/Super 300 2015 and newer with ABS.

Item Properties

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You will have to remove the horn cover to install the power plug, but it's an easy 10 step job everyone should be able to do.
(For safety reason please disconnected the battery before do anything electrical on your scooter)

1) Pry off the Piaggio badge.

2) Remove the screw for the horn cover.

3) Slide the horn cover up to remove it.

4) Unplug the horn cover light from the white plug and set the horn cover aside.

5) Remove the one screw for the glove box cover and remove the old cover.

6) Feed the power plug harness through to the horn cover side.

7) Pull the harness out on the front of the scooter.

8) Hook up the power plug wire into the original plug for the horn cover light.

9) Now plug the horn cover light into the power plug harness.

10)Re-install the horn cover and glove box cover with the power plug and hook up the battery. Test your new power plug for power. Keep in mind it's only powered when the scooter's ignition switch is in the on positions.

For safety reasons never plug anything over 5 amp draw.




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