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ET4-LX 150 Polini Gear Kit 17/44

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Ref. Number: P202.1389


Item Description

Polini Taller Gear Set for Vespa ET4, LX150, S150, and LXV 150.

This gear set increases your final drive ratio by almost 20%. It essentially gives your 150cc Vespa an Overdrive kit. This overdrive kit is best installed along with the MALOSSI 190cc CYLINDER KIT and/or other performance parts. You'll need to purchase a new COVER GASKET and
VARIATOR NUT in order to complete the installation.

The ring gear has a tooth count of 44 teeth and the pinion gear has 17 teeth. The taller gear set will allow your Vespa 150 to turn fewer RPMs, attain a higher top speed, and increase your fuel economy when you're cruising down the highway or tearing up the freeway. Despite the large increase in gearing, the off-the-line snap isn't really compromised once this is installed.

We've installed this gear-up kit along with plenty of Malossi 190cc cylinder kits and we've never been let down with the performance and comfort these two items offer while cruising at speeds in excess of 65 Miles Per Hour.

Made in Italy by Polini. Polini is a well established and top of the line manufacturer that's been making quality performance parts for Vespa scooters since the 1950s.

This overdrive kit fits the following
--Vespa S, LX, LXV 125
--Vespa S, LX, LXV 150
--Vespa S, LX, LXV 125ie
--Vespa S, LX, LXV 150ie


Installation difficulty: - Installing this gear set is very straightforward and shouldn't take more than 45 minutes when done correctly. This gets 3.5 wrenches because a hydraulic press is required to remove and install the shaft onto the ring gear. You'll also need the VARIATOR and
CLUTCH holding tools.

TECH TIP - Watch our YouTube video. Drain the Gear Box Oil. You'll need to remove plenty of parts to get access to these gears: Belt Cover, Belt, Variator, Clutch, Exhaust, Rear Tire, and finally the Gear Cover/Brake Backing Plate. Pay attention to what goes where and it's a slam dunk. You'll need to press the old gear off the shaft and the new gear onto the same shaft shaft. If you don't have a hydraulic press you'll need to take it to a local mechanic for this step.

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