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Custom Color-Matched Paint for Modern Vespa 1 QT.

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(Actual Item May Vary from Image)
Ref. Number: PAINT--MIX


Item Description

Another exclusive from Scooter West. Color Matched Paint for your Modern Vespa. Sold by the QUART!!!

Vespa does not supply conventional automotive paint codes. The factory paint Vespa has used in the past and present is not available in the United States. The only way to get paint in the United States is to have it paint matched. We have formulas for the following colors archived and can supply paint pre-mixed by the quart. If you don't see your color on this list, shoot us an email with your paint code and we'll see if we can't supply you with paint.

Q: How do I know what paint color I have on my Vespa?
A: There is a sticker with the name of the paint on your frame. The sticker is located inside the engine compartment. Open your seat and lift out the underseat storage bucket. The .75" by 2" silver sticker is commonly located at the back next to the VIN.

Q: Awesome, I found the sticker but it's in Italian. Now what do I do?
A: We don't speak Italian either. The translations are commonly pretty obvious. Check out the list and do your own deciphering. Get in touch with us if you are uncertain.

This is Professional Automotive Grade Paint that should be applied as per your local environmental regulations, by a qualified professional:
-Made by Valspar or Matrix in the USA
-Solvent-based Polyurethane Base Coat Clear Coat style of paint (Clear Coat top coat is necessary, but is not included)
-Paint is reduced at a ratio of 1:1 (use any polyurethane base coat reducer)
-Sold and priced by the Quart (once reduced, the quart of paint will yield two quarts of sprayable material. One quart is commonly enough paint for an entire modern Vespa)
-Custom mixed to order. Please allow 5 extra days for delivery time.

**NOTE** An exact match is not guaranteed. Paints fade overtime. Although the Vespa colors have been consistent there is always the possibility of some color variance within production runs. No refunds or exchanges are permitted under any circumstances.**

Available Colors

Color Code
Aurora Blue AA
Dragon Red R7
Espresso M5
Excalibur Silver F2
Graphite Black ND
Midnight Blue DE
Montebianco White BR
Portofino Green VG
Rosso Prugna YRI
Shiny Black 90
Sienna Ivory M4
Taoromina Orange A1
Titanium EZ
Vintage Green VD
Yellow GP

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