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4TH Generation LED Front Running Light/TS for ALL YEARS GTV & 2010 LATER GTS/SUPER 300

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Ref. Number: MI200-GTS


Item Description

We have a new 4th generation turn signal kit available for 2017 and new GTS ABS models. These have some differences that require a new style kit.

New and Improved LED Running Light and Turn Signal Kit for ALL VESPA 2010 AND LATER GTS/SUPER/all years of GTV.

Add ultra-bright LED running lights and turn signals to the front of your scooter with this Scooterwest exclusive! This kit is plug and play and can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. Watch the video below and also comes with super detailed installation instructions. IT’S REALLY EASY!!!

This is our forth generation of this kit. This version is simpler in its construction and less expensive than ever before. Equipped with super bright “cob-style” switch-back LED bulbs that are cool white during running light mode and ultra-bright yellow during turn signal function. The visibility that this kit will add to the front of your scooter must be seen in person to be appreciated. Additionally, we’ve incorporated a factory alarm plug connector pig-tail. The kit plugs into the factory alarm connector on the scooter and additional electrical accessories can plug into the pig-tail that's part of this kit.

This upgrade fits 2010 and newer GTS 300 and all years GTV

-Super 300

THESE WILL ONLY FIT TURN SIGNALS THAT HAVE ONE BULB IN EACH TURNSIGNAL. That should be all of North America. If you have a European or Asian model with two bulbs per turn signal, you will need to order the American turn signals as well, part numbers 638716 and 638715.

Disclaimer-Electrical items are sold "as is" and cannot be returned or refunded under any circumstances.

This may not be legal for on-street use in certain states and countries. Please check with your local authorities before purchasing.


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